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Dear Yoga Teacher,
I'm writing you this letter because I want to thank you. You've been a consistent force in my life from last 10 months. Sometimes, I think it has been lifetimes. You've taught me many things, and I Am because of your guidance.
You lead me to a place of greater understanding, of openness. The trail you pave is gentle and kind, yet challenging and new.
You are a student yourself and prefer to be called "guide," "leader," or "pilot."
Although you're a shepherd and keep the herd together, you point me towards my own path.
You are conscious, present. You help me forget the worries of my day and tune into the moment.
When I arrived in tears, i.e. on full moon days you didn't coddle me, instead you said, "beta, I'm glad you're here."
You make me laugh. Other times you make me cry, but I love you for both experiences.
A compassionate healer, cleanser, spiritualist, doctor, and artist, your talents are enviable.
You've taught me postures I never thought possible: surya namaskar, 20-20, handstand, and then suktavaktasan. Because of you I never say "never."
Ahh, and when you adjust me your touch feels like Heaven-moving me into that perfect space.
A humble master of breath breathing beauty into my life, you help me know I'm beautiful. You always sing-the sound of your voice like an angel kissing my skin.
i.e. the guru pooja and sabki mangal ki kamna.
And in savasana, you bottle up the Universe so I see stars, float on clouds, fall into everything and nothing at once, and find peace.
and your meditation ,,, i have lot to say about that ,that i am "speechless" at last i would like to tell every one that "kinyaro yoga se weight lose hota hai as "i have reduced my 12.5 kilograms in the first 6 months from june to december....
I hope these simple words express how I feel.
Thank you, yoga teacher.
Namaste Parag Mathur

happyyy teachers day dear ma'am
so with this i start my "feed-back"
ummm.. i guess its been 1yr nd kuch 4-5 months, i've been doing yoga n i've loose around 15-16 kgs' (with the variation)
YOGA- for me is to learn how to live ur life with the balanced state of mind, how to enjy ur life with a smile on ur face n inside ur heart
how to keep urself calm in those traumatic situation, how to take ur own decision n most importantly how to live a better life with all the stupid thngs happnin around u
its nt just about loosing w8 its smthng mre ... smthng ull' gt to knw wen u do it urself i've felt the change n i've seen ppl changing
nd its u ma'am DrVeena Moondra u r the reason behind this
thanqu ma'am in tons foe the patience u shwd towrds me
love u ma'am

Kirti Vyas

Deepali Choudhary veena yoga kendra is smethn dat revitalizes ones soul, fills m up wid energy n positivity....instantly aftr each class..truly d best.

Preeti Harsh Vyas Veenaji the kind of job you are doing at is really appreciable..........you have in deptth and sound knowledge of yoga....the effects of yoga....beyond words ...keeps energetic freshens....anger control...positivity in small things besides keeping a healthy mind and soul..

Vivek Kansara i basically call it as most preferred part of life style in todays time where u dnt generally get anything pure to eat n ur health gets affected as a result. plus todays hectic life style where u r always in sum mental pressure anyhow.wondrful experience overall. though i wish i cud continue again.

Nishtha Jain its really grt to b part of veena yoga kendra......feel privileged....

Priyanka Agarwal Roy Hey hiii di I want to thank u 4 all assistance u hv provided me during yoga class . U r truly grt inspiration 4 me.yoga has helped me mentaly as well as physicaly better.I appreciated d information n advice u hv given me as well as d connections u hv shared with me.Ur expertise n help hv been invaluable during d session 4 which I stand confident 2day....thanx a lot

Luckshi Vikas Singh i gr8ful thnx to VEENA MAM.....1st tym i do yoga...its miracle,energetic,peace of mind n soul,etc..no words 4 explain...its my lyf n my daily dose.....thnk u so much mam....

Rekha Soni Ma'am I think human service is the best service and u doing this great job. Really I have great experience to be the part of veena yoga kendra.
I have learnt lots of things from u which help me for whole life.

Namrata Kansara I just luv this place

Mamta Agarwal Just simply Di u r a great inspiration for me. l just want to express my hekartful gratitude for having shown immense faith n confidence in me.I just loved ur helping nature ur behaviour n d way of teaching yoga....I miss those days...

Kajal Shroff Respected mam its my pleasure to be a part of veena yoga kendra where i m revitalizing my body n soul.and it is become a tonic of my body n soul as well daily need without that i think i wont be able to live strong,happy and energetic thanks mam.

Rekha Mehta Hii Di in my whole life till Nw nevr experienced a wonderful human being like u god has blessed u wid immense of patience n unmeasurable knowledge about yoga n u've been showering it on us since yrs n sure vil b all blessed fr many more yrs Just want to thnx u on everyone's behalf dat u've always payed us wid Wat u r blessed wid it vil always help us may b a little bit but wil always THAN-U

Kaajal Bhati You are not simply a yoga instructor but a power house of positivity.Thanks a lot ,MA'AM!

Praveen Goyal "4 me yoga is not a workout-it's about working on yourself..." than q mam...


Chandrika Thanvi Yoga has opened unexpected positive avenues for me. it was under your able guidance and knowledge mam that I could explore the positive effects of yoga on my mind, body and soul.it made me even more calm and relaxed person and much more aware about my being. But all this couldn't have been possible without a guide and mentor like u ur voice and systematic furnishing of knowledge just added colors to our yoga sessions. Miss it mam !

Rashmi Sotwal firstly i wud like to thank veena mam a lot....under her guidance she has made us all so familier wth yoga....secondly if i talk abt effects of yoga dey r countless....yoga not only keeps me physically fit n fine but most importantly it makes me mentally fit too....being mentally relaxed n calm has become so important in todays lifestyle becoz of our hell lot of tensions, hard work, busy schedule n all......i request to all others those who r still away from d magic of yoga plz do start it....it wil bring a great change in ur life.....yoga has made my body so flexible dat i can perform almost all d aasans easily......thanku veena mam.....plz i request every indian to learn yoga as yoga was originated in india, let us show our power of yoga to d whole world!!!

Binaca Jesh Maloo YOG ka arth h JUDNA ya JODANA.... swayam ka swayam se judna... apne man se judna... apne sharir se judna... sakaratmakta se judna... sajakta se judna... sahjta se judna... saralta se judna... smaran shakti se judna... anubhuti se judana... ya yun kah du VEENA ji se judna. Ayurvedic,homoeopathic.allopathic,acupressure,acupankchar sabhi ke anubhav ke bad, me yakinan ye kah sakti hu ki YOG wo shakti h... jo hamare man,sharir aur vyadi ko niyntrit karta h...thank you VEENA ji...

Anil Kothari Great Experience with Veena yoga kendra thank you DrVeena Moondra ji our Jci Jodhpur Suncity Members learned lot

Rekha Mehta For us yoga is life n u've thought us Hw to live Di it's our pleasure to learn frm u n walk d way u've always positively guided us thanku fr showering ur blessings on us