Maheshwari Samaj Workshop

We conducted 3 days Yoga workshop for MAHESHWARI SAMAJ JODHPUR from 26th to 28th May at Dwarikadhish watika, Jodhpur.

JCI Suncity Workshop

We have done one day yoga workshop for JCI Suncity Club, Jodhpur. It was a great experience. Thanks to Shri Mahavir Yuva Sangh for giving me this opportunity.


"Mudra Therapy", in which different diseases are treated by holding and retaining the fingers and the thumbs in different ways. Being a miniature universe, the human body is composed of five elements namely - Agni(Fire), Vaayu(Air), Akash(Space), Prithvi(Earth), Jal(Water) represented by the thumb, index finger, middle finger, ring finger and the little finger respectively. Mudra Therapy by Veena Moondra

JCI Metro Club Workshop

We have done One day yoga workshop for Female members of JCI Jodhpur Metro club at Veena Yoga Kendra. They learned about Aashtang Yoga philosophy, Yogic diet, Yoga therapy, Surynamaskar, Aasanas, Pranayam, Relaxation and Om chanting meditation.

Mahavir Yuva Sangh Workshop

We have done one day yoga workshop for Shri Mahavir Yuva Sangh, Jodhpur. It was a great experience.About 200 ladies participated in this workshop enthusiastically. Thanks to Shri Mahavir Yuva Sangh for giving me this opportunity.

RJS Officer Workshop

We have successfully completed our yoga workshop for RJS Officers. It was an awesome experience with a group of 110 students who belong to same age group and same profession. My heartfelt gratitude to The Rajasthan Judicial Academy for giving me such an opportunity and thanks to all the RJS officers.

Geo Club International

Thanks to Geo Club and Aparna Modi for giving me such a wonderful opportunity. memorable day with geo kids.

International Grand Master

Geeta Bhawan parisar me chal rahe Veena Yoga Kendra ko Yoga Alliance International ka registration mil gaya hai.

VYTTC 200Level Program

Congratulations Reena Daga for completing the 200hrs level YAI certified YTTC course successfully. Wishing you a bright future in the field.


we have succesfully completed our workshop on KARMYOGA.

Grand Master in Hatha Yoga

I awarded by the certificates of Grand Master in Hatha Yoga from Yogaallianceinternational and Grand Master in Meditation from Meditation Allaince International. A certificate of Self Transformational yoga also awarded by Sri Maa Yoga International School. Our center Veena Yoga Kendra is now register as Meditation Institute/school too.

5th Anniversary of VYK

Thank you to all of you my dear friends and students! Thank you so much for all the warm wishes you have sent me. Those messages and greetings just made me realize how you guys love me so much and in return, I would like you to know that I love you all as my friends. Thank you and my day is a happy day because of your presence and genuine wishes.

Karmyoga Workshop

we have completed our 4th KARMYOGA workshop at APNA GHAR. Apna Ghar is a home for homeless, injured, physically and mentally disable, Acute patients who have no family. The way this Sanstha doing this noble job is remarkable and appreciable.

5th Karmyoga Workshop

We completed our 5th Karmyoga workshop. This time we visit to a residential Blind School Netrheen Bal Vikas Santhan. Blinds see the world as dark but not their hope, future and aspirations. During our visit to Netrheen Vikas sansthan,we observed blind students reading and writing the Braille letters immaculately. Touching the dots with the finger tips on the white paper, they read the text fluently. These blind students when they talk, laugh and play with their colleagues, you never realize that they are physically disabled. These differently able students deserve our love and sincere appreciation.

Aastha an old age home

Seniors often suffer from multiple chronic conditions, such as high blood pressure, arthritis, and poor sleep. Yoga has long been shown to alleviate the symptoms of many such conditions, combining physical poses with relaxation and breathing techniques, to improve overall health and well-being. Check with your physician before beginning.

Kids Yoga Workshop

Why Yoga for Kids?
Maintains Flexibility and Strengthens Growing Bodies, Enhances Concentration, Increases Self-Esteem, Teaches Present Moment Awareness, Cultivates a Peaceful, Relaxed State of Body and Mind, Gives Tools for Stress Management, Sparks Creativity in Ripe Imaginations, Encourages Kind Peer and Social Interactions, Enhances Body Awareness and Teaches Discipline and Responsibility. Kids Yoga Workshop at Blooming Flowers School.

Prenatal Yoga

Vasundhara Hospital & Fertility Research Centre
Yoga and Meditation in Pregnancy - by Dr. Veena Moondra
Pregnancy is a beautiful phase of life, lets make this journey stress-free and joyous! VHFRC celebrates Pregnancy Awareness Week for all you pretty pregnant ladies!

6th Karmyoga Workshop

Our 6th Karmyoga workshop... A visit to an orphanage. A call to you to do something - anything. Its Call to Us all to remember to help those that are not as fortunate as we are. Yesterday we visited to an orphanage home ‪#‎Love‬-Kush-Sansthan. As the gate of the home opened, we were greeted with smiling faces of children, they all eagerly looked to see who had come into your abode.